Individual training gives you one-on-one coaching tailored to your specific needs, and will teach you what it takes to get UP One against your opponents. Having individual attention will allow you to learn at your own pace. UP One coaches will put you through step-by-step workouts incorporating all areas of the game to help you get to the next level. Sessions will last 60-75 minutes.

  • Single Session: $30.00   

Maximize your ability with training packages:

  • 5 Session Training Package: 
    $125.00 ($25.00/session)



Training in small groups with one or two other athletes allows you to develop in advanced scenarios, and allows athletes to compete with and against each other. Focus will still be placed on individual motivation and skill development, but small groups can simulate game like situations, for example screening and reading defense. Small group sessions will last 60-75 minutes.
Groups of 2 or more should register for Small Group Training.

  • Single Session: High School - $25.00/person, Middle/Lower School - $20.00



Do you want to get UP One on your opponent, but need to develop or maintain your athletic ability? Often times athletes plateau in training regimens, or can't get over a hurdle to advance stages of athleticism. The goal of APT is to train the body's movements and reactions through high-intensity interval training. Areas of emphasis include change of pace and direction, agility, plyometrics and overall strength training with body weight and resistance.

  • Single Session: $40.00

Maximize your ability with training packages:

  • 5 Session Training Package: 
    $175.00 ($35.00/session)

  • 10 Session Training Package: 
    $300.00 ($30.00/session)

UP One Basketball Training

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