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In today's world of youth athletics, there seems to be a larger emphasis on team events and big exposure competition instead of developing the fundamental skills that are essential for athletes to reach the next level in sports. Commonly overlooked are the elements of technique, repetition, and the stages of learning that lead to solid basketball skills and IQ. Athletes, whether beginner, amateur, or professional, are taught to persevere in order to get UP One on their opponents. Whether you are just learning the game or an elite athlete, UP One Basketball Training will personalize your workout so that you develop your skills to rise to the next level.

UP One Basketball Training offers individual and small group training for boys and girls of all ages. Basketball sessions will focus on offensive and defensive skill building and teach the work ethic and mentality that will help athletes meet their full potential. Throughout the year, UP One Basketball also hosts camps and clinics that focus on individual development as well as full game competition.

Athletic Performance Training (APT) offers customized high-intensity training to improve overall athleticism. Areas of emphasis include change of pace and direction, agility, plyometrics, and overall strength training. Sessions are customized to the needs of the individual. Goal setting and mental toughness will prepare you to get UP One on your opponents.


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